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Proel Flash 15SA 350W Subwoofer

The Proel Flash 15SA is a 350W Active Subwoofer. It is the perfect companion to the Proel Flash 12A Powered speaker.
Product Name: Proel Flash 15SA 350W Subwoofer
Product Code: FLASH15SA
Brand: Proel
Proel Flash 15SA 350W Subwoofer
RRP AUD $999.00
You Save AUD $160.00
Our Price AUD $839.00

Proel Flash 15SA - 350W Active Subwoofer

The FLASH15SA is a subwoofer with a plywood cabinet designed to complete the system when you need to strengthen the response in the low end of the audio program.

The subwoofer has been designed employing a BPS configuration (band pass with series-loaded double reflex) to achieve very high effi ciency and a quick dynamic response at low frequencies.

The active version features a new 350 W, class H, amplification module with an electronic stereo crossover with selectable frequency and phase inversion controls.

Two convenient metal handles and four sturdy wheels make for easy transportation.

Proel Flash Series.

Proel introduces the FLASH Series, a new line of lightweight and easily manageable speakers, resulting from the experience and the technological know-how acquired in years of manufacturing speakers using synthetic materials. In this series Proel's team of design engineers has managed to combine features of Italian style, recognized and appreciated all over the world, with state-of-the-art mechanical, acoustic and electronic solutions. The Flash Series is designed for use in numerous applications as it guarantees maximum reliability and excellent sound quality.

FLASH12 is a full-range speaker with polypropylene enclosure, available in both passive (12P) and active (12A) versions. One of the outstanding characteristics of this line is the new high-frequency horn, with wide constant-directivity coverage angle, designed to provide uniform response and low distortion. The loudspeakers used feature a 1" titanium-diaphragm compression driver and a 12" woofer with 2" coil.

The sturdy and lightweight polypropylene enclosure allows use as floor monitor, while the 4 M10 flying points, together with the optional accessories, make installation easy and flexible.

Transportation and installation are also eased by two aluminium handles on the sides and a recessed handle on the upper part of the enclosure. The module used in the active version includes two amplification sections: 50 W for high output and 200 W class H for low output.

The speakers feature both a line input and a microphone input with independent level controls for both inpputs and 2-band equalization (Low + High) for enhanced sound modulation.

They are protected against overload and distortion by a double clip limiter circuit.

FLASH 15S is a subwoofer with plywood enclosure, designed to complete the system when it is necessary to strengthen bass response. This subwoofer features a BPS configuration (bandpass with double reflex), in order to provide dynamic low-frequency response and deliver superior performance. The passive version (15SP) integrates a crossover filter with filtered satellite output.

The active version (15SA) is equipped with a new 350 W class H amplification module and active stereo crossover with frequency control and phase inversion switch. In both versions, two heavy-duty metal handles and four sturdy casters ensure easy loading and transport.

After the first public appearance at the Los Angeles NAMM, the new Flash Series will be exhibited at Show-way in Bergamo (24 to 26 February), at Pro Sound and Light in Frankfurt (12 to 15 March) and at SIB in Rimini (5 to 8 April).

Check out the Proel Flash 12A by clicking on the following link: Proel 12A.

Flash 15SA Rear Panel:

1. INPUT LEFT (combo XLR-JACK input) This is a female combo connector, which accepts a XLR or a JACK plug from almost any type of equipment with a balanced or unbalanced line level outputs. The XLR input is wired as follows:

2. INPUT RIGHT (combo XLR-JACK input) Same as above. Use both inputs and outputs when connect a stereo system to a single subwoofer (1 sub + 2 sat). In the case of mono system (1 sub + 1 sat for each channel) you can use left or right input without distinction.

3. STEREO / MONO switch Use this switch to set the subwoofer for a STEREO system (1 sub + 2 sat) or a MONO system (1 sub + 1 sat for each channel).

4. GND LIFT switch This switch lift the ground of the balanced audio inputs from the earthground of the amplifier. If you have HUM noise problem on one or more loudspeaker try to change the position of these switches (often all up or all down for all the amplifi ers in the system). Please note that to have an eff ect all cables must be balanced.

5. OUT LEFT (XLR and JACK outputs unbalanced) These XLR and JACK connectors are electrically linked and provide an unbalanced line-level signal. This signal can be fi ltered to connect a sat speaker or otherwise can be fl at to link another subwoofer.

6. OUT RIGHT (XLR and JACK outputs unbalanced) Same as above. Use both inputs and outputs when connect a stereo sytem to a single subwoofer (1 sub + 2 sat). In the case of mono system (1 sub + 1 sat for each channels) you have to use the same channel used for input: left or right.

7. FILTER / FLAT switch Use this switch to set the outputs as filtered to connect a sat speaker or as flat to link another subwoofer.

8. 100 / 160 Hz switch

Use this switch to set the internal fi lter at the 100 Hz or 160 Hz crossover frequency. Choose the crossover frequency by your taste or music genre.

9. LEVEL control Rotary level control: it attenuates the level of the signal sent to the subwoofer speaker. The attenuation ranges from 0 fully closed (the signal is completely attenuated) to 10 fully open, nominal level (the signal is not attenuated in any way, so is fed to the internal amplifier at the same level at which it arrives on input).

10. SIGN/CLIP indicator GREEN LED illuminates to indicate the presence of the signal at the amplifier input. RED LED illuminates when the internal amplifier's output is limited. When this LED flashes reduce the input signal level.

11. 0° / 180° switch This switch reverses the polarity of the subwoofer. Depending on the placement of the subwoofer relative to the full-range sat speakers, you can get a better low-frequency response in the room if you reverse the polarity of the subwoofers signal. Listen in diff erent positions of the venue in order to try which is the best sounding setting. NOTE: ALL SUBWOOFER SPEAKERS MUST BE HAVE THE SAME POLARITY, if you note a lack in lowest frequency range using more than one subwoofer, probably you have a subwoofer inverted respect the other. Be always sure all these switches are in same position.

12. ON / PROTECT indicator GREEN LED: when lighted indicates amplifier has been turned on and AC power is available. RED LED: when lighted indicates the power amplifi er stage fails, in this case contact your nearest service center.

13. POWER switch Speaker is "ON" when the switch is in the "I" position, use this switch to set the speaker power to ON or OFF. NOTE: When you shut down your equipment, turn off the speaker fi rst.When powering up, turn on the speaker last.

14. FUSE holder Here is placed the mains protection fuse. Please follow the instructions on page 4 of this manual to replace it.

15. AC~ socket Here's where you plug in your speaker's mains supply cord. You should always use the mains cord supplied with the speaker. Be sure your speaker is turned off before you plug the mains supply cord into an electrical outlet.

16. Cooling vent Air cooling vent: always keep it clear of dust, cables or other objects.

Proel Flash 15SA 350W Subwoofer

System type : active BPS vented enclosure subwoofer

Amplifier Continuous Power : 350 W

Frequency response : 40 Hz - 160 Hz

Sensitivity : 97 dB @ 1 W/1 m

Low Frequency Device : 15'' woofer

Crossover Frequency : 100 Hz or 160 Hz

Power Supply : 230 VAC 50 Hz or 117 VAC 60 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption : 550 VA

Connectors : IN: 2 x combo

OUT: 2 x jack 1/4'', 2 x XLR M

Construction : 15 mm beech plywood

Finishing : anti-scratch finish

Mounting Pole : 1 x top

Weight : 32 kg(70.560lb )

Dimensions (W x H x D) : 43 x 55 x 60 cm

Controls : volume, stereo/mono, flat out, gnd. lift, x-over freq. 100 Hz - 160 Hz, phase