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MIDI SOLUTIONS Realtime Midi Mapper

MIDI Solutions Realtime Midi Mapper. Convert MIDI messages from one type to another in real time. e.g: map MIDI Channel Pressure to MIDI Volume Message.
Product Name: MIDI SOLUTIONS Realtime Midi Mapper
Product Code: MID-Mapper
Brand: Midi Solutions
MIDI SOLUTIONS Realtime Midi Mapper
RRP AUD $349.00
You Save AUD $50.00
Our Price AUD $299.00

MIDI Solutions Midi-Mapper

MIDI Solutions Mapper maps MIDI messages from one type to another in real time. Messages include Controller, Program Change, Channel Pressure, Pitch Bend and Note messages, on all or selected MIDI channels.

A specified range of notes may be mapped to a full range of another message type, allowing any keyboard to control a MIDI parameter to its full range. The Mapper will accept up to 10 different map settings.

The unit is programmed via MIDI System Exclusive commands, and settings are retained in non-volatile memory until cleared or overwritten with new settings. MIDI Solutions Mapper is powered by the MIDI signal and requires no batteries or power supply to operate. A MIDI indicator LED flashes whenever MIDI data passes through the unit. Includes Programming Tools for Windows software


To program the Mapper, connect the In of the Mapper to the MIDI Out of the device that is sending the programming commands. The Out can be left disconnected during programming.

Once the Mapper is programmed, it can be inserted anywhere in your MIDI setup. Connect the In of the Mapper to the MIDI Out or Thru of the sending MIDI device. Connect the Out of the Mapper to the MIDI In of the receiving MIDI device. It is recommended that the number of MIDI Solutions products chained together between any two MIDI devices be limited to five.


The mapping functions of the Mapper are programmed by sending it MIDI System Exclusive programming messages from a device capable of creating System Exclusive messages, such as a computer-based sequencer. These messages are described in detail on the following pages. For decimal to hexadecimal conversions, see the chart on page 25. Upon receipt of a System Exclusive programming message, the MIDI indicator LED flashes rapidly for about one second to indicate that the setting has been stored. Settings are retained in non-volatile memory until cleared or overwritten with new settings.

MIDI Solutions Midi-Mapper