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MIDI SOLUTIONS Footswitch Multi Midi Event Generator

The Midi Solutions Footswitch Multi Midi Event Generator creates MIDI events from a connected footswitch and merges them with any incoming Midi messages.
Product Name: MIDI SOLUTIONS Footswitch Multi Midi Event Generator
Product Code: MID-Footswitch
Brand: Midi Solutions
MIDI SOLUTIONS Footswitch Multi Midi Event Generator
RRP AUD $349.00
You Save AUD $60.00
Our Price AUD $289.00

MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller

The MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller provides a 1/4" phone jack input for connection to a footswitch or contact closure which can be used to trigger MIDI events (for eight footswitch inputs in a single rack space unit, see the MIDI Solutions F8). Triggered MIDI events are merged with incoming MIDI messages and sent to the MIDI output of the Footswitch Controller. Triggered event types are programmable and include:
  • Note
  • Control Change
  • Pitch Bend
  • Program Change
  • Start/Stop
  • System Exclusive
Other functions include:
  • Program Change INC/DEC
  • Rechannelize
  • Transpose
  • Tap Tempo
  • Note-on Filter
MIDI Echo and Footswitch Toggle parameters are selectable on/off.

The Polarity of the footswitch can be determined automatically on power-up, or programmed to normally-open or normally-closed.

The Footswitch Controller is programmed by sending it MIDI System Exclusive messages (see FAQs - Programming). This can be done easily with the Processors Programming Tools software. Once programmed, its settings are retained even after power is removed. The Footswitch Controller can be reprogrammed with new settings as often as needed.

The Footswitch Controller is MIDI-powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.

Application Examples

The MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller can be used to generate virtually any type of MIDI message. It can also be used to perform additional functions such as Transpose, Channelize, and Tempo Tap. The F8 is essentially eight Footswitch Controllers in a single rack space unit.

A common application for the Footswitch Controller is to remotely Start and Stop an external sequencer or drum machine. Check the operating instructions of the sequencer or drum machine to determine which MIDI messages it needs to receive in order to start and stop; some devices simply require the MIDI Start and Stop messages - in this case you can program the Footswitch Controller to toggle between sending these messages with each tap of the footswitch. Other devices require both MIDI Start/Stop messages and MIDI Clock messages - in this case you will need to use two Footswitch Controllers connected in series (or a single Dual Footswitch Controller, or two inputs of an F8), one programmed in tempo tap mode to send the MIDI Clock messages, and the other programmed to send Start and Stop messages (this setup allows you to tap in the tempo of the song you are about to play before the song is actually started). Or, if the sequencer or drum machine has the capability of responding to MIDI Machine Control messages, you can program a single Footswitch Controller to toggle between MIDI Machine Control Play and Stop messages with each tap of the footswitch (MIDI Machine Control messages are System Exclusive messages).

Quite a few MIDI devices other than musical instruments use MIDI Note or Control Change messages to activate their various MIDI functions. For example, some of the Yamaha mixing consoles require a middle C to activate their talkback function. The Footswitch Controller can be programmed to generate a middle C, allowing you to control the mixing console's talkback remotely. Cakewalk's Sonar offers a key binding function that enables users to control many of its functions by sending it a series of two notes. The Footswitch Controller can be programmed to send out two MIDI notes in succession, allowing you to control many of Sonar's functions such as Start/Stop, Record, even CAL program files.

The Footswitch Controller has some other useful functions such as Transpose and Channelize.

  • The Transpose function allows you to transpose to any key by depressing the footswitch, playing any note above or below middle C, and then releasing the footswitch. For example to transpose up by a major third depress the footswitch, play E above middle C, and then release the footswitch. After doing this, all notes received by the Footswitch Controller are transposed up by a major third. An alternate method of transposing without releasing the notes that are currently playing is by using Pitch Bend - the Footswitch Controller can be programmed to send out a specific Pitch Bend value whenever the footswitch is depressed, and reset Pitch Bend to zero when it is released.
  • In Channelize mode the operation is similar to Transpose mode, except that the number of notes is stored. After the footswitch is released all MIDI messages are rechannelized to the channel corresponding to the number of notes that were received. For example to rechannelize to channel five, depress the footswitch, hit any five keys, and then release the footswitch.

    The Footswitch Controller and F8 can also be controlled via wireless remote using the Xilor ┬ÁLink series of products.

    MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller

    weight: 3.9 oz.

    dimensions: 4-3/16" x 2-3/16" x 1-3/32"